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Kidney Cleanse at Home

Kidney Cleanse at Home

A kidney cleanse is an effective way to flush all the accumulated toxins out of your body. This Buzzle post has some useful tips to perform kidney detox at home.
Amruta Deshpande
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Why are the kidneys so important for the body? These two bean-shaped organs perform one of the most important functions to keep our body running smoothly. They are responsible for eliminating the harmful waste, toxins, and excess water from the body. Kidneys act as filters that cleanse harmful substances that enter the blood. They also play a key role in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, which is utmost important for the normal functioning and overall health of the body. Now, with so much of impure blood entering the kidneys everyday for purification, imagine the amount of waste material that must be accumulating in the kidneys. These accumulated toxins can affect the normal functioning of the kidneys and can cause several health complications. The buildup of uric acid and crystals of other salts and minerals can cause conditions such as gout and kidney stones. Hence, it is very important to detoxify the kidneys periodically to enhance their function. There are several home remedies for effective kidney cleansing.
Home Remedies for Kidney Cleanse
As we already said, kidney cleanse is essential to avoid their malfunctioning. It must be done regularly for proper functioning of the entire excretory system. There are several ways in which you can perform kidney cleanse at home. 'Master cleanse and the lemonade diet' is one of the effective ways to cleanse the kidneys and enhance their function. Consider the following home remedies.
Apple and Lemon Cleanse
This simple kidney cleanse formula helps in dissolving the kidney stones and passing them quickly and painlessly. It also improves the overall health of the kidneys. This is how you make it:

Juice three apples with their skins on. This increases the amount of natural antioxidants in the juice. Squeeze half a lemon in the juice, and your kidney cleanse mixture is ready. Lemon juice helps to break down the kidney stones. Apple and lemon cleanse is the simplest home remedy for kidney cleansing.
Watermelon Flush
Watermelon flush is the easiest way to get rid of toxins accumulated in your kidneys. It helps in breaking down the large stones into small ones, which can be passed easily and painlessly. You can eat the watermelon directly or you can blend the watermelon pieces for a cool and refreshing drink. You can also make watermelon tea by steeping one tablespoon of ground watermelon seeds in about one pint of water. Strain the tea and drink it once a day. Although watermelon is effective for cleansing the kidneys and keeps you away from several kidney diseases, it is not recommended for diabetics.
Celery and Parsley
Blend together 4 stalks of celery (Ajavā'ina), 3 sprigs of parsley (Ajamōda), and 1 cucumber. Add some water to the mixture and squeeze in half a lemon. This mixture makes an excellent kidney cleanse. Parsley is a natural diuretic and helps in flushing out the toxins.
Herbal Tea
There are several herbs that help in detoxification of the kidneys. Couch grass (Sōphē ghāsa), uva ursi (bearberry), horsetail, nettle (Bichu'ā), and corn silk are some example of herbs that help in cleansing the kidneys. Here comes the recipe of a herbal tea that works as a diuretic.


● Dandelion root, 2 teaspoons
● Nettle leaf, ½ teaspoon
● Oat straw, ½ teaspoon
● Fennel seed, ½ teaspoon
● Corn silk, ½ teaspoon

Take about one quart of boiling water in a container. Add all the above herbs to the boiling water. Cover the container and set aside for about 20 minutes. Strain the herbs and drink this tea once or twice a day.
Drinking plenty of fresh water daily is the key to flush all the toxins out of the body. Water cure not only helps in improving kidney health, but has a very good impact on the overall health of the body.