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Maple Extract

Maple Extract

Many might not be aware of the advantages and health benefits of maple extract. The following article will make you aware of these. Read on to know more.
Rujuta Borkar
The maple leaf is famous. The maple fruit and candy as well. And what's more, it is savored as sweet nectar. But do you know that more than just being sweet and delicious, the maple extract is also an excellent additive for your food? There are so many uses of the extract that if you haven't already started using it, you will probably make the switch soon after this piece provides you with the many benefits it offers.

Maple extract is a concentrated flavoring agent that is distilled and derived from the sugar maple trees. There are several types of extracts. These may be imitation or artificial extracts, pure extracts, or natural extracts. Natural extracts are the ones that are derived directly from the sap of the maple tree without putting them through any processing. This extract is then used for adding flavor to foods and drinks and is generally considered a more healthier choice to make. There are varied health benefits that it provides for and in the next section, we will see what these are.

Prevents Diabetes
Recent studies have proved that the extract derived from the maple tree is very beneficial and acts as a preventive measure against diabetes. This is because the extracts have a rich source of abscisic and phytohormone acids. These acids release insulin by way of the pancreatic cells and are therefore responsible for preventing diabetes. It is due to this that the fat cells sensitivity to insulin gets enhanced.

Averts Cancer
It has been shown that the extract has the ability to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. This is because it has a high content of antioxidants and other antioxidant substances. These antioxidants are responsible for fighting the free radicals of the body and thereby help in preventing the growth of several cancers like lung cancer, brain cancer, and prostate cancer.

Strengthens Immunity
As mentioned earlier, since it has a high content of antioxidants, the extract also helps in strengthening the immune system of the body by preventing common colds, coughs, and other infections. Along with these antioxidants, it also contains zinc and manganese which help the cause further.

As a Food Addition
Maple extract is a great choice to include in one's diet because it is a natural and organic food substance (the natural kind). Therefore it is considered far more beneficial than using maple syrup. It is used for frosting, glazing, ice creams, and icings.

In Skin Products
The rich properties and intoxicating fragrance of the extract makes it an obvious choice to be included in several skin and hair care products. Some of these include―exfoliates, cleansers, astringents, masks, and conditioners.

Sugar Substitute
Sugar has a lot of calories, but it has been found that the extract has fewer calories in comparison to sugar and is sweeter than sugar. Therefore the consumption of this extract in place of sugar is a good choice to make as far as health is concerned.

Other Benefits
  • It strengthens the male reproductive system.
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy heart by lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Due to the high content of zinc, it also helps in preventing atherosclerosis.
  • It acts as a food catalyst and helps to hasten the processing of foods in the body.
  • This extract also has high contents of carbohydrates, proteins, iron, and potassium along with zinc and manganese.
Now that you know some of the maple extract benefits, you can try and include it in your diet. All you need to do is use it as a food additive. You'll be amazed at the effects it has on your health.