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Noni Juice Reviews

Noni Juice Reviews

If you really care about good health, noni juice would be very helpful to you. Learn about its benefits, reviews and certain side effects in this article.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
If you think that health is wealth and want to stay fit for the rest of your life, then start adding noni juice to your diet. It comes from a fruit which is very similar to a potato in shape and is popularly known as Noni. Originally known as Morinda citrifolia, the fruit is native to southeast Asia and Australia. This fruit drink is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates. Earlier people were skeptical in drinking noni juice and were also unaware of its various health benefits. However, times have changed and many doctors and nutritionists have given a positive response to noni juice and people have started including it in their diet, and are reaping its benefits.

Top Brands

The important thing to remember here is, there are many juice brands which are present in the market and they score well in terms of health benefits. Reviewed below are some of these brands.

Natural Styles Noni juice
Natural Styles is truly a remarkable brand. It's a globally known brand and has been in the market since 1997. It was one of the first companies to realize the potential of Noni juice and introduced it in the market. Natural Styles guarantee a tasty and safe juice which has undergone a pasteurization process and has been optimized with polysaccharide content which makes it unique and the best. So according to most websites and reports, Natural Styles has excellent reviews and continues to be the market leader.

Noni Juice Plus
Noni Juice Plus makes sure that you get what you pay for. They have been a strong player in the market and have been a front-runner in providing quality products to their customers. Their state-of-the-art facility has been set after years of research and they also believe in giving quality and natural juice to its customers. The company guarantees in using wild harvest Noni juice and not any artificial fertilizer or pesticide. They prefer taking Noni fruits which are grown with the help of rich volcanic soil of the Tahiti island.

Polynesian Noni
Polynesian Natural Health Products is a global brand and world leader in health products. It caters to the needs of people who believe in enriching their life through gifts of nature. They started selling Noni juice in 1993 and since then have been a reliable company. Their juice comes from the Marquesas islands where Noni juice is made in their state-of-the-art facilities. The bottling and manufacturing is done in California and the product is sold in Asia, Europe, South Pacific, North and South America.

Puna Noni Juice
The company is situated on the Puna island of Hawaii and is famous for giving affordable Noni juice to its customers. The juice is flooded with great nutrients and various medicinal properties of the lava soil in which its grown in. With this juice they also sell Noni capsules and supplements. The company aims to make the world a better place and enlighten as many people as they can regarding the benefits of Noni juice.


Now that you know which brand has garnered excellent reviews, let's see the various benefits which make it a world-wide sensation.
  • When the fruit is about to ripen, it starts smelling very pungent and hence is also referred as the cheese fruit. Noni juice is great for skin and keeps you hydrated during the day. It's also an ideal solution for many skin ailments such as acne and dry skin.
  • The juice is filled with Vitamin C and is also a good source of antioxidants which eliminate free radicals and flush out toxins from the body.
  • It's an effective natural drug against depression and it helps humans bring out the feel good factor in them.
  • Noni juice also helps in treating inflammation regarding joints, bones and ligaments.
  • Ancient Chinese claim that Noni juice is helpful in rectifying delaying menstrual cycles in women.
Side Effects

It's been a hit in the western world since it was launched in the early 90s. Noni juice has amazed everyone with its medicinal properties which are helpful in treating various health ailments. Now if the juice has so many pros, it is obvious that it can have few cons also. So here's a look at its side effects.
  • Stomach bloating, gas, and diarrhea have been associated with Noni juice since a long time. Drinking juice in rare cases causes chronic diarrhea which causes terrible imbalance and dehydration in the body.
  • Noni juice drinkers have also been known to be suffering from cough and cold. This is basically due to an allergic reaction to the fruit.
  • It's true that Noni juice is very helpful in treating skin problems but it also is the main cause of blisters, pimples and other skin ailments in some people.
  • People suffering from diabetes should consult their doctor before consuming Noni juice. Some health experts claim that drinking the juice makes this disease worse, as it increases the sugar levels in the body.
Hope this article on Noni juice reviews was an interesting read. Consuming the juice is a debatable option, so it's always recommended that you first consult your doctor before including it in your diet.