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Olive Leaf Extract for Candida

Olive Leaf Extract for Candida

Olive leaf extract can be effectively used to treat candidiasis. The following article highlights various benefits of using this extract.
Amruta Deshpande
Olive oil is obtained from the fruits of the olive tree, which is scientifically known as Olea europaea. Native to Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean countries, Olea europaea is an evergreen tree that is characterized by silvery green leaves, berry-like fruits, and a trunk that is often gnarled and twisted. Olive oil is packed with several essential nutrients that benefit us in a number of ways. However, other derivatives of the olive tree which are known for their beneficial properties are the oil or the extract made from the leaves of the tree. Owing to its healing properties, the extract is gaining popularity all across the globe.

The Extract

Olive leaves are loaded with numerous essential compounds. They are antioxidant compounds such as oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, flavonoids, and polyphenols. These active ingredients are responsible for the several benefits of olive leaf oil or extract. Apart from these active antioxidant compounds, this leaf extract is rich in amino acids, vitamin C, beta carotene, and some minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, and chromium.

Treatment of Fungal Infection

The extract has powerful antimicrobial properties that help in fighting against several infections (bacterial, viral, and fungal). Following are the benefits of the extract against fungal infections.

The immune system of our body is responsible for fighting against various infections and protecting us against them. However, an impaired or weak immune system makes us susceptible to fungal attacks. This essential oil can be used to strengthen the immune system. Candida infection or Candidiasis is an infection caused by a group of microscopic fungi or yeast belonging to the species Candida. It is commonly known as yeast infection and is characterized by symptoms such as chronic fatigue, skin irritations, recurrent headaches, constipation, and many other problems. The antioxidants in the oil help in combating the fungal infection.

The oil extracted from the olive leaves also contains an essential compound known as oleuropein. This compound is a powerful antifungal agent, and is believed to have a strong therapeutic action against Candida infection. This oil is thus beneficial for yeast infection treatment. A person affected by this condition may be given high doses of olive extract initially. The dosage may be reduced after a few days, depending on the severity of the condition. Once the infection is under control, it is generally advised to consume one or two cups of tea or a herbal infusion made from the olive leaf extract daily. However, fungal treatment should be carried out only after consulting a qualified health care professional.

Regular consumption of supplements that contain the extract can help in preventing a variety of fungal, as well as bacterial and viral infections. Although the use of these supplements is not associated with serious side effects, it should be consumed in moderation and only after consulting the health care provider.

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