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9 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Essential Oils

Shopping for essential oils online eliminates the crucial olfactory experience. However, it must provide you with a qualitative one so that it mutually benefits the buyer as well as the seller. Here's a list of online stores that provide excellent quality products and a good experience for those who enjoy these alternative well-being methods.
HolisticZine Staff
Quick Tip
While buying essential oils online, ensure that the site provides complete information about the product, right from its origins to its manufacturer and everything in between.
The soothing aroma of essential oils after a long day at work can be a seriously rejuvenating treat. With an array of essentials oils, there is an aromatherapy treatment for almost every ailment and illness. These oils can work wonders if you know their properties and specific combinations that can be used. For those of you who think that essential oils are only exclusive to spas, then you are fortunately mistaken. These oils are readily available in most drug stores too. However, if going out or making a detour is difficult, then ordering them online can be a smart option.
As the world is taking a serious look at alternative healing therapies, there has been an exponential rise in websites selling essential oils. These websites are not just online stores, but also good information sources for their customers. They provide adequate information about the oils, their best-suited combinations with other oils, and a complete source of information about their properties and effects, they sell carrier oils too. In what follows, you will find a useful list of online stores from where you can buy essential oils.
* Click on the names to visit the official sites of these online stores.
Floracopeia was started by David Crow with an intention of encouraging the usage of medicinal plants in healthcare. This is one of the few online stores that provides its customers with high quality essential oils. Additionally, it also provides brief information about the oil, its dosage, and its primary use. For those of you who are looking for ready-made aromatherapy oil mixes, this is the perfect site to visit.
Amongst the wide range of products available at Walgreens, are some of the best essential oils available at very competitive rates. Once you click on the product for a quick view, it gives you a detailed description of how to use the oil, its benefits, where it was manufactured, and the best way in which you can blend it. And if that's not all, it also warns you against the notoriety of the oil!
This site hardly needs an introduction. We have all been there, shopped there, and truly enjoyed the experience. So, this is yet another online store which sells authentic essential oils, provides all the information you would ever require, and leaves you with a feeling of being totally informed while making a choice.
Timeless Essential Oils
This online store aims at providing its customers top-notch essential oils at excellent prices. They source these oils directly from the manufacturers, which averts any chances of spoilage or tampering. This site not only focuses on selling just essential oils, but also ancillary items such as carrier oils, containers, diffusers, reading material, and soaps made from essential oils.
The name says it all. This is a typical drugstore that sells everything that is expected of it. In addition to that, it also sells a wide variety of essential oils that are used for unconventional healing purposes. The site offers good discounts on these oils, and also provides product details such as extraction process, possible combinations, and its effects on usage.
Mountain Rose Herbs
This online store is dedicated to making herbal products that are derived from organic agriculture. The highly trained team which runs the show has a good collection of essential oils for sale. They do not just sell the oil, but educate every customer about it. This way, the buyer can make the right decision well in time before spending his/her money. Their essential oils are free of pesticides, are extracted from the very first distillation, are quality control tested, and certified pure by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO).
the Vitamin Shoppe
Of course, it sells more than just vitamins! This online store sells essential oils of various brands under one roof. Additionally, it also provides offers and discounts to customers on the purchases they make. Although the website does not provide much information about the product, there are customer reviews about the product, which can prove beneficial.
GNC Live Well
This is yet another online drug store; however, it sells only a limited range of products. It sells a good enough number of essential oils under its herbs and natural remedies category. The site provides a fair description of the product, and offers a generous discount to its members on the purchases they make.
Bulk Apothecary
Amongst a plethora of lifestyle products, this website sells essential oils with a detailed description of each oil. The site provides the buyer with thorough information about its uses, benefits, and applications. Even though you may not buy the oil, this site is definitely worth visiting for the detailed information about the oil.
Not every essential oil is suitable for every person. Everyone has his/her own preferences and triggers for soothing his/her senses and irking them. Before you hit the buy button, do go through the properties of the particular oil, and tips for using it in the best possible way. Once you have the oil, conduct a small patch test with the carrier oil to know how it reacts with your skin. Remember, essential oils are pure concentrations of plant extracts, and are highly volatile. Thus, use them with utmost care, and always use them with a carrier oil or an agent. The best can be extracted from an essential oil when its properties are well-understood and when it truly complements your senses.