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Comparison Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Comparison Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is a great way to relax your senses, both physically and mentally. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are two of the most common types. We will discuss the comparison between Swedish and deep tissue massage in the article below
Dhanashree Patane
Hectic lifestyles can leave your body and mind fatigued. So there is more need for pampering the body once in a while, and a massage is a perfect way to do so. Today, a massage is the most preferred treatment for total relaxation and rejuvenation. The use of different oils, creams combined with technique, give your muscles, tissues and also you mind, relief from pain, while also relaxing them completely. With the different types of massage therapies available today, each has a specific effect on the body. Every therapy will focus on a particular aspect for relaxation. This leaves us with a varied platform of massage therapies to choose from. Acupressure, aromatherapy, sports massage, Swedish and deep tissue are the most common names in massage types. Swedish and deep tissue massage are the two types that we will be learning about. This article basically discusses the comparison between Swedish and deep tissue massage. Both have a distinct nature of application, and also affect the body differently. Let's take a look.

What is the Difference Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage
Both these massages are often preferred. It is not prominent that one is better than the other. But both these massages have their unique benefits, so one can choose according to the best that each massage provides.

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage originated in Europe. It was first called classic massage. The many branches of this massage include pregnancy massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage. It also includes treatments like body wraps, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy.
Technique • Swedish massage includes techniques like kneading (petrissage), longer circular strokes, friction, effleurage (gliding like strokes with palms and thumbs), vibration, bending and stretching movements.

• The techniques are deep and may be gentle and soft, but with deep pressure. However, the tempo and pressure can be fast or slow. This massage technique generates even pressure on the body, throughout the therapy.
Focuses on • Muscles and bones and nerves. It mainly takes care of healthy blood circulation and lymph. In short this massage relaxes the body and mind.
Benefits • It mainly focuses on good flow of oxygenated blood and lymph. This relaxes the active muscles and the nervous system. The soft tissues in the body are cleansed and nourished due to good blood flow and release of toxins from the body.

• It relaxes the entire body and mind. Relieves stress, balances your mood and leaves you feeling rejuvenated from inside. It takes care of sleep disorders and gives you good sleep.
Best for Complete relaxation of the body and mind. Good concentration and thinking.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is used by many therapists and chiropractors. It has many streams like cross fiber friction, cupping, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, etc.
Technique • As the name suggests, the techniques are based on affecting the deep layers of the muscles. The technique here too is deep and slow, but the pressure is much deeper, that aims at certain areas of the tendons and muscles. This pressure can be painful too.

• The reason for the hard pressure is because, it should reach deeper in the muscles, where a regular massage cannot reach.

• The main technique is direct and deep pressure, through palms, fingers and thumb, with slow strokes. This is followed along the fibers and muscles, or going across the fibers and muscles.
Focuses on • The primary focus is on three muscular regions. The fascia, which we know of as connective tissues, neck region and the spinal cord, that is the back.

• The deeper muscles, like those beneath the tissues and surface, are mainly worked upon, and hence the name, deep tissue massage.

• This massage is focused on certain areas of the body, those that are troubled with chronic tension.
Benefits • The major beneficiaries are underlying muscles suffering from fatigue and pain. It relives all the chronic pain, relaxing your muscles from the inside.

• The technique sounds painful, where the body may feel a little sore, but the massage actually leaves you feeling relaxed and free from pain.

• This massage also helps in eliminating toxins from deep tissues and sore muscles by better blood circulation. It also heals them, relieving the tension and by breaking of any scar tissue.
Best for Relieving muscle pain and tension. Especially for sports athletes and people suffering from pain due to rigorous activities. It is primarily meant for healing any injuries and problems in the muscles.

With this comparison, one can get to know how these massages are different from each other and will also help you choose the one that suits you the best. Make sure to consult a doctor, or a specialist in these therapies, before opting for one, as certain care must be taken in case if you suffer from joint and similar issues, pregnancy, other injuries, etc. As for the rest, pamper you body with a special massage, but with care!