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Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts

Looking for an easy solution to eliminate warts? Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that can work effectively to kill the virus that causes warts.
HolisticZine Staff
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Something Important
Besides using apple cider vinegar, one should follow a healthy diet that centers around green leafy vegetables and fruits, and, of course, avoid smoking and alcohol to speed up healing. Also, stay away from sugary products, fried foods and stick to healthy cooking techniques like steaming, grilling and baking.

Warts is a viral skin infection that typically causes formation of small cauliflower shaped bumpy structures on the superficial skin. These skin growths generally appear in clusters and are typically seen on the fingers and the feet. Of the many home remedies available, the most effective way would be obviously going to a specialist.
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
This is a natural product and is, basically, an acidic liquid that is obtained by fermenting apple juice. ACV health benefits are plenty and when used externally is very effective to treat skin problems like warts.
How to Use ACV
Use ACV just before going to bed. Prior using ACV, one has to first wash the affected area with a mild soap. Make sure the area is clean and free from dirt. One has to use a cotton ball to apply it on the area showing warts. Wet the cotton ball completely with ACV and put it on the affected area. Use the band-aid so that the cotton ball does not fall off from the HPV virus infected area i.e. wart. Let the cotton ball remain overnight and then remove it in the morning. Also, don't forget to use a new cotton ball, each time, when applying ACV. One can also use a q-tip (cotton swabs) to apply ACV and then put a band-aid over it. Follow this procedure every night and the wart will disappear within a week. However, large sized warts may take around one month to heal.
Basically, ACV is an exfoliating agent, which means, it removes the superficial skin along with the warts. In other words, the peeling agent (ACV) gets rid of dead skin cells and the viruses breeding in the skin pores. With regular application of ACV, the warts become hard and eventually get detached from the skin, without leaving any scars.
For best results, use undiluted full strength ACV but people with a sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate as its application can trigger quite a bit irritation. In such a case, using 50/50 dilution of ACV with water is recommended.
How to Know Whether ACV is Working
Keep a close watch on the color of warts during the course of treatment. If the color changes to black, it does mean that the warts is healing. Before starting the treatment, you may notice the rough surface of the warts is wet. Wet warts are most contagious and hence the infection can spread easily. However, as you start applying ACV everyday, the warts tend to become dry. This is yet another indication of warts healing in the right way. Patients have also reported discomfort at the site of infection, after applying ACV. However, it is just a part of healing process and in any way does not suggest that the treatment is ineffective.
ACV for Genital Warts
Use diluted ACV for applying it on the genital areas. Whether the location of genital warts is on the penis or the vaginal area, ACV still works to eliminate the warts. The procedure of applying ACV remains the same but keeping it overnight on the genital areas can irritate the skin. This unusual burning sensation is painful and so to be on the safer side keep the applied ACV for a period of 20-25 minutes and then wash it off.
Disclaimer: Use apple cider vinegar at your own risk. Diabetic patients suffering from warts should first consult a doctor before using apple cider vinegar.