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Applying Yogurt for Yeast Infection

Applying Yogurt for Yeast Infection

Yogurt has been touted as a very effective cure for yeast infections. In the following article we will take you through the means and methods by which one can use yogurt, and the kind of factors that have to be considered for the same...
Rujuta Borkar
A yeast infection? Yeah. That one has bad news spelled all over it, then highlighted with neon lights. The point being, yeast infections will drive any person insane with what they bring to the fore. The itching, swelling, pain and the sore and peeling skin is enough to make a person lose their sleep. And that obviously spells bad news no matter where you come from. While it is true that vaginal yeast infections are the most common form of infections in this category, it does not leave out the men. So don't rejoice just yet (men I mean) and make sure that you read this article through and through so that you know exactly how to tackle this problem.

Speaking of the varied treatment forms, while many people go in for over-the-counter creams and gels, as well as look for medication tablets and the like, these can get cumbersome, not to mention expensive. In this direction, there is a perfect solution that has been found that is seen to work like a miracle. The application of yogurt for yeast infection is what we are talking about bringing into action. Let us find out how to go about using yogurt to cure yeast infection in the following section.

How Does a Yeast Infection Come About?

Yeast infections are also known as Candida and is caused by the Candida Albicans fungi. These fungi or yeast are microscopic in nature and thrive in dark and moist places. The overgrowth of these fungi is what leads to yeast infections. That is why skin folds are some of the most common places that people can develop these infections at, because sweat tends to accumulate there. This makes regions like in the armpits, under the breasts, lower abdomen and vaginal areas a common place for the infection to make way. Even though this makes women more susceptible to develop these infections, men are also likely to get the same, if not directly, than through sexual relations with partners (the infection is contagious).

Hoe to Use Yogurt to Cure a Yeast Infection

While there are many synthetic treatment forms that have come about, it has been seen that yogurt acts as one of the most effective and reliable ways by which to treat a yeast infection. Why does that happen? Let us answer some of the main doubts that have to do with using yogurt for yeast infection.

Why Yogurt?
What makes yogurt so effective in curing yeast infections? The answers lies in the content of yogurt. Yogurt has an abundance of acidophilus which is the 'good' bacteria that is responsible for the destruction of the fungal and bacterial infections that develop in the body.

The Kind of Yogurt to Use
What kind of yogurt can be used to bring about a cure for yeast infection? Only the most pure yogurt that has not been processed or sweetened can be used because this is the only kind of yogurt that contains the active cultures and therefore the good bacteria. Most processed yogurt products have been stripped off the acidophilus bacteria and therefore are rendered useless when it comes to using them for yeast infection cures. One must therefore always make sure that the product contains this good bacteria by checking the label. Another effective yogurt form to use for a yeast infection is Greek yogurt, because it is a richer type of yogurt and contains more protein content. Thus it can be used for yeast infections, but it has to be made sure that the Greek yogurt is not flavored or sweetened.

Methods of Usage
The thing about yogurt is that it can be used both, externally as well as taken in internally. Eating yogurt for curing yeast infection is a well-known method to help speed the process of healing. In fact if yogurt is a part of your daily diet then it will prevent the onset of yeast infections in the first place.

The other way in which it can be used is to directly apply the yogurt onto the infection. This can get a little cumbersome and messy for many women and that is why it is important to find a method which works best for you. While you can use your fingers to do the work, many dip their tampons into the yogurt and insert the same in, while others use a plastic syringe and use the same to target the area well. Similarly there are varied other methods that can be looked into as well.

How Much to Use
When the question of how much yogurt should be consumed for treating yeast infection is put forth, that really depends on each person. While you can consume a small bowl of the same, for external application, use enough so that it makes for a thick layer and covers the infection in its entirety. Make sure that you keep the yogurt in for an hour maximum and also that it is not too cold, or it could lead to more symptoms of the same.

Applying yogurt for yeast infection has therefore proven to be very effective in curing the same. And now that you know the ways in which one can use it and why it is so effective, there is no more the need to suffer. So go do yourselves a favor and use the