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Cordyceps Uses and Side Effects

The Caterpillar Fungus: Uses and Side Effects of Cordyceps

Cordyceps side effects amount to lead poisoning, and it can have certain elements that can trigger allergic reactions. Find out more on cordyceps and how it can help in weight loss as well...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Cordyceps sinensis (ascomycete fungi) is a kind of fungus that traditional Chinese medicine has used for hundreds of years. It is also known as a Chinese caterpillar fungus since the parasite grows off the Tibetan caterpillar until it dies, wherein a mushroom sprouts up. It aids in overall health and supports bodily functions like the immune system, heart, liver, and so on. It improves the functioning of one's lungs and increases energy levels and stamina. It also plays the role of an antioxidant to the body, and protects it from free radical damage. It is said that cordyceps act as an aphrodisiac, helping out the impotent.
Being $10 a gram makes cordyceps a little expensive, but its effects are worth the money you put into it, although it has been said that lead poisoning is a possibility because some harvesters attach lead filaments to the caterpillars to increase their weight and thereby their cost. It contains key ingredients that make it stand apart from other supplements, making it known for its long-term effects. It contains organic acids, which regulate the body's metabolism; vitamins such as B12, C and B which are abundant; nuclei acid which is part of our core DNA and RNA structures; amino acids; polysaccharides to aid the immune system; protein and other elements that are similarly healthful.
The cordyceps dosage ranges between 2-3 grams each day, and should be taken with meals. It is better to take supplements that contain cordyceps, since they have a lesser chance of being contaminated with lead.
Cordyceps Dosage
Going to trusted companies to purchase cordyceps, or online distributors for that matter should be kept in mind, since lead poisoning is a number one cordyceps side effect. To make sure that it is the real thing, and isn't tampered with, go with known and reputed distributors. To avail of these supplements, it is commonly known in English as winter worm summer grass. The different dosages available in the market are.
  • 300mgs of cordyceps sinensis mycelia.
  • 600mgs of cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS-4, standardized extract with 0.1% adenosine.
  • 500mgs of cordyceps mycellium.
Cordyceps Weight Loss Regime
Cordyceps and weight loss are also interrelated. To benefit from its effects, this is how cordyceps should be taken.
  • 500mgs of cordyceps should be taken twice a day or once a month depending on how your body reacts.
  • You'll notice a significant increase in stamina, and will want to exercise more - noticing a loss of appetite as well.
  • Make sure to take note about if your body has any allergic reactions to the cordyceps which is usually experienced by chest pains or skin rashes. If you feel fine as the dosage routine continues, increase it to 2-4 grams.
  • It increases muscle tissue, and also improves the system's metabolism which encourages weight loss.
Cordyceps Health Benefits
Cordyceps can be used for a number of ailments as well as improve different functions of the body. With cordyceps's benefits you can notice different changes taking place in your body and in your overall health.
  • For those who experience an irregular heartbeat, cordyceps helps to bring it to its normal rate.
  • Increased cholesterol problems are brought back down to its normal levels.
  • Men suffering from impotence can try out cordyceps to increase their potency.
  • Weight loss is a significant benefit from cordyceps's effects.
  • It increases one's energy levels as well reduces fatigue.
  • Helps those suffering from anemia, chronic bronchitis and even kidney disorders.
  • Soothes coughs.
  • Reduces signs of aging in adults.
The side effects should be noted, in case you happen to fall prey to lead poisoning. There are no other noted side effects, but it does have an effect on those who are allergic to certain supplements' ingredients. Make sure you know how to take your daily dosage, and ask help from a doctor when attempting to use cordyceps for the first time.