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Datura Plant

Datura Plant

If you want to know about the medicinal properties of Datura plant, read this article.
Poushali Ganguly
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
With the emergence of Ayurveda and the related herbs and plants, there are many plants, which are researched about, and people are showing interest in knowing the values of the plants, which have lost their importance. Datura plant is one of those plants, which had many medicinal values and was recognized by Ayurvedic physicians in the previous times, in the Indian subcontinent. Now with the renewed interest that is being taken in this plant, here's everything you need to know about it.


Datura plant is also known as "Datura Stramonium" which is its scientific name. The other names are Jimson weed, Stinkweed, Mad Apple, Apple Thorn, Stramonium and Dhatura Tatula. The parts, which are used are the seeds, leaves and flowers. It is mainly found in the foothills of Himalayan mountain range and each flower of the plant is large and in the shape of a trumpet which bloom only in the summer season and in the nights. The stalk of this plant is woody and the flowers of this plant are either white or purple. It can also be found in varying shades of yellow. They have pods, which look like spikes. The arrangement of leaves is alternate. As stated earlier the flower blossoms at night and has a fresh lime-like fragrance but due to its blooming in the night the pollination of this plant is difficult. So the only insect that pollinates this plant primarily is the Hawk Moth. There are other insects as well, which visit the flower in the wee hours of the morning that also helps in the process of pollination.


Datura plant has the power to act as an anodyne, pain killer, narcotic and antispasmodic. It helps considerably to get relief of spasms in case of Bronchitis or Asthma. It is being used largely as a treatment for Parkinson's disease and also in treating various kinds of hemorrhoids. The fruits of this plant also act as sedatives and are usually intoxicating, which helps to calm and soothe a person. The leaves of the plant are also used as pain relievers after they are roasted. Apart from the medicinal values of Datura plant there are various side effects as well, like there always remains a chance of poisoning which can occur, though accidentally because of higher dose of the medication. At times people who have been poisoned due to these extra doses actually hallucinate and might have cardiac arrests as well.

Associated Legend

The legend goes somewhat like this that long time back there were a brother and a sister who were called A'neglakya and A'neglakyatsi-tsa who lived beneath the earth and came once in a while and roamed over all the places on the earth and this inquisitiveness disturbed the twin sons of the sun God, who one day came to know that this brother-sister pair can also make people fall asleep and hallucinate. They felt threatened and put an end to the life of both the brother and sister but from that spot from where they disappeared bloomed two flowers, which had the same power of intoxicating people.

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