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Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Kidney Cleansing Herbs

Using herbs for kidney cleanse is one of the better ways of detoxification, but a relatively less known practice. This HolisticZine write-up enlists a few most effective herbs available for kidney detox.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Our kidneys have a very important role to play in the maintenance of the overall health of the body. The reason? They flush out toxins from the body and act as a filter. If this filter falters, it can spell doom for the body, as then the blood stream can get toxic. That is because, the kidneys would not help in the excretion of excess salts and waste material. This can happen on account of various reasons. However, the crux of the matter is that, kidneys need to be flushed off toxins, and for that, we should undertake a cleanse after specific intervals of time. One of the best and natural ways to do this is to go for herbal cleansing.

Useful Herbs for Kidney Detoxification

It is one of the common herbs for flushing the kidneys off toxins. It works on account of its high silica content. In addition to this, it works as an astringent in the genito-urinary tract as well as diuretic. When it acts as a diuretic, the increased volume of urine leads to flushing of the toxins and other irritants from the body. Tissue repair is brought about by high levels of silica, and the astringent qualities may result in enhancing the bladder tone.

Uva Ursi or bearberry has been known as an effective remedy for bladder infections and other Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), since a long time. This herb is loaded with arbutin and hydroquinone, making it an effective anti bacterial substance. Many urinary infections are therefore, tackled by these anti bacterial properties of this herb. It also has tannin, an astringent reducing inflammation and keeping infections at bay. When taken orally, it passes through the urinary tract and rids the kidneys of the toxins.

Couch Grass
Basically a diuretic, Couch Grass increases the amount of urinary waste, thus flushing the toxic substances. Moreover, it soothes and contributes in healing of the urinary tract. It also has a natural antibiotic effect, fighting and treating conditions, like, cystitis, nephritis, prostatitis, and inflammation of urethra and other conditions related to the urinary tract.

Elimination of toxins and waste material is greatly helped by this herb. Nettle is very nutritious and has lot of chlorophyll, beta carotene, and vitamins A, B2, C, and E, and calcium, potassium, and iron. Using this herb means that the uric acid is targeted, and it is eliminated through the urinary system. Again, nettle too, is a diuretic, which leads to these beneficial effects.

If you didn't know, the friendly and popular parsley herb that is used for garnishing and decorating a dish, is also believed to be a powerful detoxifying substance, relieving the body of toxins like urea. It improves the functioning of the urinary system very effectively. It also helps to reduce edema and occurrence of kidney stones because of its diuretic properties.

It is a multipurpose herb, which is great for treating disorders of the urinary tract. It is even used for serious disorders, like, nephritis or cystitis. Goldenrod has great antifungal properties, and it helps in eliminating candida fungus.

Apart from this, cleansing of the kidneys can be done with some other herbs, like, ginger, gravel root, black cherry concentrate, hydrangea root, marshmallow, juniper berries, red clover, and corn silk.
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