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Shingles Treatment

Shingles Treatment

What are shingles and what does the shingles treatment involve? Let us take a look at that in the following article.
Rujuta Borkar
Shingles are caused by the herpes zoster virus (also known as the varicella zoster virus) and typically leads to the formation of red and patchy skin in certain parts of the body. The skin begins itching and a skin rash develops. The varicella zoster virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox as well. After a person has chickenpox (mostly in their childhood), the virus gets collected in the root of the nerves and remains in a dormant state until many years later when it gets reactivated. After which it travels along sensory nerves into the skin and causes a localized rash like formation that may even develop blisters later.

Shingles treatment becomes important because shingles can be developed not only by the herpes zoster virus, but rings in a positive to the question Is shingles contagious? So yes, when one has direct contact with a festering and oozing blister, it most definitely is contagious and therefore shingles treatment should not be ignored. The following article will draw light upon how a shingles rash can be treated and also, what some of the natural shingles treatment methods are:

Shingles Treatment and Home Remedies

Shingles pain can be very disturbing and cause a lot of discomfort, therefore administering treatment for shingles is important. Here are a few shingles treatments that you can undertake.

Strengthen Immune System
The main reason why shingles are caused is because the immune system has weakened and thereby allowed the herpes zoster virus to attack again. So the first step is to strengthen the immune system. This can be done by increasing the intake of foods that contain vitamin C. Track the different sources of vitamin C like all citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and other fruits.

Cleaning and Compresses
It is important to keep the area that has developed the shingles rash clean and hygienic. Do this by cleaning it with an anti bacterial soap and warm water twice a day. Do not rub the area as that might potentially spread the infection to other body parts. Pat off excess water and allow it to air dry for faster healing. Use a cold compress to relieve the shingles symptoms of itching and tingling. Alternately, one could also soak in a cool or warm bath for the same effect.

Here are some natural applications that you can directly use on the shingles for relief and shingles treatment:
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the rash for quick relief from the pain and as an aid for treatment.
  • The chickweed herb is a known remedy for many skin disorders and helps as a shingles treatment at home very effectively.
  • Take some olive leaves and get their extract. Now apply this extract onto the shingles directly.
  • Applying oils like virgin coconut oil, peppermint and geranium oil on the shingles will also help bring the same effect.
  • Spread a liberal amount of raw honey onto the shingles rash. Honey is known to have medicinal properties and treats shingles very effectively.
  • Applying calamine lotion also has the same soothing effect on the rash.
Shingles Treatment and Medication

These are some of the medicines and natural foods that you can consume for a speedy shingles treatment:
  • Consume 3 garlic cloves everyday. Garlic has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties that'll clear out the shingles.
  • Eat a pear or its juice in large quantities to clear out the shingles naturally. Pears have the antiviral caffeic acid that helps in the process.
  • Medication like painkillers and antivirals are used in shingles treatment very often.
If one does not use precautions for shingles they can manifest into a severe rash that can lead to a lot of pain. Shingles treatment then becomes necessary to stop the wound from festering and developing blisters. Having these home remedies should help you treat the shingles effectively and fast. All the best!