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Do You Seek Spiritual Healing? Kundalini Reiki is What You Need

Kundalini Reiki
Kundalini Reiki is not just some modern-day fad that we turn to when everything else has failed. It is a technique that will help expand your energy and enhance your life experiences.
Natasha Bantwal
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
With the myriad challenges faced by people today, stress and depression have become an integral part of everyone's life. With so much suffering, agony, and pain, people tend to get dejected very easily. And the situation seems to be getting worse, despite the availability of several chemical, mechanical, and intellectual quick-fix methods.

In such a scenario, the Kundalini has proved to be a powerful and an effective remedy in bringing about a difference in people's lives. Like any other style of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki heals and energizes the body, reduces stress levels, and works in association with other medical treatments and healthcare options. Different Reiki styles have different objectives, and these have been found to be an excellent way of working on certain problematic issues related to feelings and emotions, sexual issues, grounding problems, or even lower chakra issues. It is also extremely beneficial for those who are currently dealing with problems that may have occurred in the past, thereby awakening the suppressed Kundalini energy. Thus, this technique is all about opening certain chakras and healing channels, which help in gaining access to the energy emanated by the Earth.
Birth of Kundalini Reiki Technique
Kundalini Reiki
This concept was first introduced by Mr. Ole Gabrielsen who is considered to be the Master of Meditation, and he has, since then, managed to inspire and motivate people all over the world. Along with a person named Master Kuthumi, Ole had hours of holy communion. The main aim of awakening Kundalini energy was to seek peace and love along with enhancing the states of universal light and consciousness. This form of healing is considered by some to be the greatest blessing to mankind.
Tapping Into Your Energy
The root chakra, which is the energy center located next to the coccyx, acts as the doorway for the Kundalini energy to enter. This energy is also known as the Kundalini fire. On entering through the coccyx, this energy runs throughout the body, right through the main channel, and exits from the crown chakra (the head).
A person with an open Kundalini is someone who experiences total cleansing of the chakras over a period of time. On the other hand, someone who is experiencing problems with his/her Kundalini awakening can definitely be helped. This healing technique is not only a very powerful tool for awakening the energies, but the mixed combination of Reiki and Kundalini has been able to promote spiritual evolution and healing leading towards further enlightenment.
Various Courses to Learn
First and foremost, those who wish to learn the art of performing this technique, must be a seichim master. Only then they will be able to begin with Kundalini Reiki 1. During the course, you will learn different ways and means of giving treatment to another person, different methods of self-healing, and how to send long-distance healing. Some of the other uses of this form of Reiki are: rectifying situations, healing karmic bonds, enhancing personal qualities, and amending character traits.
The 3 courses can be taken as long-distance courses too. So, whether you are doing a long-distance training or whether it is a hands-on job, there will be no difference in the attunement quality.

Level 1
The healing channels will be opened, and at the same time, you will be briefed and prepared for the Kundalini awakening in level 2. The hand, heart, and crown chakras will be opened and strengthened, and you will be taught how to heal from a distance.

Level 2
Your Reiki channels will be strengthened. You will be taught a certain meditation technique, and on performing this meditation, you will be able to increase, in a very short time, the power of Kundalini energy. While doing so, the chakras get enlightened and thorough cleansing takes place.

Level 3
All the former attunements and Kundalini will be strengthened, and it will reach till the crown chakra and then exit from there, which will indicate that the complete rising of Kundalini has taken place.

This technique is considered to be deep, rich, gentle, profound, and flexible. It is one of the most pleasurable and exciting forms of spiritual healing that you will come across in today's times. So, experience, understand, and learn to use the power so that you can transform your life and the life of others around you.

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