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Kundalini Yoga Dangers

Kundalini Yoga Dangers

Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful forms of yoga, but it is said that there are certain dangers in practicing this yoga form. What are these and what can be done to prevent these is what we will be going through in the article that follows.
Rujuta Borkar
It is a known fact that yoga is being practiced for several decades and its benefits have been taking the world by storm. Many people have opted for this form of exercise because it lends to both physical and mental health and there are several health benefits of the same. Of all the basic forms of yoga, Kundalini yoga is considered to be the most powerful because it offers several gains that not many other forms of yoga offer. Along with that, the rate at which it benefits a person is considered to be alarmingly high. If there are so many advantages that this yoga form offers, then why does the question of its dangers arise? Is it true that there are dangers involved in practicing this yoga form? Before getting into this issue though, we need to understand what Kundalini yoga is so that we can analyze the kind of dangers that may arise. Continue reading for more details on the same in the paragraphs that follow.

The Basic Concept

Kundalini yoga has at its base the belief that every living form has within itself pure energy which is not fully realized. They say that this untapped energy literally lies dormant, like a coiled snake, at the base of the spine. When this yoga, like Kundalini reiki is practiced in its truest form, this untapped energy courses through the entire body and touches every sphere of a person's lifeā€•both physically and psychologically. This energy courses through the 7 chakras of the human body (centers of energy) and leads to the purification of the body and soul, and thereby affirms spiritual growth and enlightenment. Kundalini yoga is practiced through a combination of breathing, chanting, postures, yoga poses, and meditation and leads to the tapping of all the energy sources.

Once we realize this dormant energy, it leads to a healthy body and mind, expands perception and consciousness in its entirety, leads to personal development and awareness, and affirms overall health and well-being. This in turn lends spiritual growth in a person and therefore, the purification of the soul, discarding all negative energy, and other negative elements becomes possible.

This form of yoga is usually practiced under a certified instructor because of the levels of difficulty it involves. With so many advantages to its credit, what could be the Kundalini yoga dangers? This query will be dealt with more effectively in the following section.

The Dangers

Kundalini yoga is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of yoga because it leads to the awakening of dormant energy centers or chakras that lie within us. With the realization of this energy form, it becomes possible to become more evolved as living beings. What one does not realize, however, is that the body needs to be 'prepared' to handle all that pure energy. And therein lies the basic dangers. This energy is so pure that if not channelized well, it can lead to more harm than benefit. As we've said before, this yoga touches all spheres of the body and mind and therefore helps a person evolve physically and mentally. If practiced under a professional trainer or master, this yogic form can lead to varied advantages, but if it is practiced without following the right path and instructions, then it can cause a sudden awakening of energy and a person might not be prepared to handle it.

Depending from person to person, the way in which the early awakening or untimely awakening affects him will be different. Here are certain symptoms, both physical and mental, that the incorrect practice of Kundalini yoga can lead to. These may include:
  • Body pain
  • Burning and inflammation
  • Hypersensitivity to cold and heat
  • Drastic changes in appetite
  • Fluctuating sexual energies and drives
  • Unexpected negative symptoms of guilt, depression, anxiety, and confusion
Along with these, there have also been cases of disorientation and psychotic breakdowns that have been reported.

Does that mean that there has to be complete prevention of this yoga form? Absolutely not. There is no harm in practicing this form of yoga, but one has to understand that it should not be taken lightly or taken for granted, and not rushed through. It has to be practiced under a certified expert or a yogic master and not from the books, because not only your body, but your state of mind should be ready to receive the energy that is to make way as well. One should not rush through this process, because it needs years to get it right. Hurrying through this process will not allow you to prepare yourself well and that's why when you practice it, it will lead to more harm than good.

These dangers that are involved in Kundalini yoga should be taken not as deterrents, but as lessons. It is not to disillusion or discourage one from taking up this yoga form, but to help one take up the correct form of it. When one knows that there are dangers involved, only then will one take precautions and pains to perfect the art. Only those who want the true benefits of it and for the right reasons, will exhibit the patience and hard work that it requires to master this ancient Indian science. For everyone else, Kundalini yoga is probably not the answer.